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What Are girls really attracted to? Well subconsciously girls like to see the alpha male, The alpha male is the most dominant male in the room. Now this doesn't necessarily mean been massively bulky, but it depends also on mental status. if you can look after your self very well then you should be able to look after a girl right. Girls are very good at this, but not perfect. Be independent, you don't want to be stood near loads of other guys, so theirs a 1 in 10 chance you might get picked off or talked tyo by a girl be independent so there's a 100% chance you are the only one to talk to making you the alpha in the women's eyes. You would dress like every other guy in a club would you? Most of them guys are insecure about themselves. You can be the 1% of guys that dresses different which shows that you are independent to women. making you the more dominant male. Ill admit Looks are a contribute to getting women, you need to look attractive. By this i don't mean dress in rubbish jeans and horrible looking t-shirt i mean, a shirt, trousers and have a shave get a wash. Make yourself look attractive this is a massive part of respecting yourself, if you don't you will never get yourself looking like a alpha male.

You need to also respect others aswell, for example opening doors for others or moving out the way for them, respecting others gives girls the thought of you looking after them more. Remeber this is subconsious, girls will also appreciate you more when doing little things like this. Another point is not appearing desprate at all, girls obviously dont like desprate guys, but the cool thing is guys can hide it, for example wearing to much deodrant is a massive sigh of being desprate. So dont be wearing to much otherwise the girls are going to get 3 feet from you and start walking back away.

Stay classy, girls dont want people moaning all the time about the weather and things they cant change. If you can put a positive spin on the weather or something then fair enough go for it. The thing about moaning is it will lead to saying things about other people or bitching, this will make the girl wonder, when she goes away from you will you talk about her to someone? This is why, you will caise insecurity for the women whichj os not what you want. A big factor of How to attract women, is not having any expectations hwen walking up to a girl, remember walking up to a girl and expecting to get her number or get her in bed puts alot of pressure on you, which will mess up your A Game. And you dont want that, if you keep cool and talk and use the techniques in the ebooks you will be way on your way to getting any girl you want in the world.